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January 17, 2012
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for your own safety, you
will go unnamed, as i
write this anecdote
about how you once were
my best friend, inseparable.
that's what we were.

this is to the girl with the
purple-framed glasses, with the
frame too slender to be considered
normal and the personality
just too damn sporadic to be
referred to as sane.
this is to the girl with the
bouncy curls that were never
brushed and the outfits that
never quite matched, the one
who was my shoulder to cry
on, who cried on my shoulder.
you were my hero.
i looked up to you, damn it,
i loved you, but now--
where's it all gone, wasted?
did it move away with
you, yes, you with the
purple-framed glasses, lenses
that weren't even prescription.
were you just too cool to hang
around with the girl who
was always there for you to rely
on, your voice. it drives me
crazy. not in the creepy, obsessive
way, not in the hate beyond
human capacity way, the way in which
i know how alone i am when you're
not here and i know how smothered i
am when you are, i can't
seem to put my finger on why i despise
not you, but our friendship.
it was not a give-and-take, all i did
was give give give, and you just
took took took
took away everything i handed to
you, you never paid me back, once,
you bought me a cup of coffee, but that
doesn't count because you drank
mostly all of it, but i was too
infatuated, too fascinated to care.
i didn't care about how much i gave,
just as long as i would receive your
acceptance in return, i thought i had it,
but it was just the eyes behind those stupid
purple-framed glasses that tricked me.
we don't talk anymore.
i lost so many friends because of
you, ones you gained back but
i never got to explain my side
of the story to, i'm sick
and tired of the way you've
treated me, like trash you discard
me to the pile of used friends,
all you wanted was my trust
so you could just get that bit of
satisfaction of tearing me down.
don't you remember the old me,
i was a wreck, i did everything
you told me to, never expecting
anything in return, you meant too
much to me. i couldn't bear to sever
our friendship, but you've pretty
much done that on your own without
my consultation, i guess this is
goodbye, goodbye to the girl with the
purple-framed glasses who just
took took took
took away everything good
in my world, it was gone, but
ever since you dropped out of it,
things have gotten better.

i mentioned earlier that i
wasn't going to say your name,
that would be too cruel, to
sabotage your reputation?
but jesus, don't you deserve it?
to take you down a few pegs
would really demote your status
of being so damn popular. but
you don't. as much as i
give give give
give away to those i trust,
i don't take take take
take away the perceptions
that other people establish, it's
their own fault for falling into
your trap, but you're so confident,
huh, you're so sure of yourself
that a week after you left you got
rid of those ghastly
purple-framed glasses and exchanged
them for teal, but this one,
this one is to the girl with the
purple-framed glasses, the one who saved
me from my own destruction, my one
and only difficult friendship, wasted?

not you. she's the one i want.
For a friend who's really demoted themselves in my eyes. It's in the past. It's gone.
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YourBuddyBill Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I lost one, no, two, wait, more than that, maybe five friends to 'cool'. And I don't have many friends.
otakuplaywright Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It's not just the cool, it's the deterioration of the friendship. She's here on dA so I hope she sees it, send out a message.
YourBuddyBill Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh, where is she? I could throw it in her face if you need it. And you could hide these comments so it would look like someone just so happened to notice. (lol conspiracy)
otakuplaywright Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Nah, it's okay. She still watches my stuff but never reads it, so we're safe. (lawl.)
YourBuddyBill Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Most of my watchers are that way with me. *sigh*

But still, if you want her to see it, I could arrange it.
otakuplaywright Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
No, it's fine. She's not speaking to me. I'd rather not have any contact with her. It's a mutual thing.
YourBuddyBill Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Eh, ok then.
dweckie Jan 17, 2012  Student Writer
otakuplaywright Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Shanks for the hug, dearie. :P
DeathAngel77611 Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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