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I had come to the conclusion that poor Delilah was destined to be attached to me for the school year. When she received her schedule, we had all but three classes together. Seven periods a day with this new girl—the worst part was that her sister was in three of them with us.
Our clique compared schedules after we received them at the assembly. A majority of our group was in remedial classes. Emily was in several honors courses, believe it or not, and I had a mainly academic schedule. Disregarding that massive amount of classes I had with Delilah, I had pre-calculus and lunch with everyone. I had English with everyone but Emily. I had history with Farrah and Bethany. I had Latin with Eleanor.
I had pre-calculus, modern literature, chemistry, art, and journalism with Delilah, not to mention lunch and study period. It was like they were forcing her to follow me around like a puppy dog. It was insanity, to be perfectly honest.

"We're going to be seeing a lot of each other, aren't we?" I smiled at Delilah. She made a sort of wincing face, but then made an effort to smile back. What was with her? Was she really that agitated by my attempt to be nice?
"Just make sure you don't let me get lost in these hallways," she grumbled in a last-ditch effort to be funny. "To tell you the truth, it's more like a maze than a basilica."
Our group was going to be seeing less and less of each other. Emily had all these science classes because she wanted to be a biochemist, the other three were all into art and music, but what was I good for? Writing bad poetry and analyzing old literary gems? I'll admit I'm an English wizard, but that doesn't get you anywhere if you want to go into crisis and addiction interventionism.
Eleanor winked at me as we all found seats in the almost vacant library.
"You know, Mandy," she started blabbering, "you're not going to get better people skills by taking creative classes."
"It's not my fault that this school only has one psychology course," I snapped, "or that I already took it in freshman year. I'll just have to wait until college."
Bethany rolled her eyes. "Oh, dear, you know that's not true. All the physiology courses can be considered into psychology because it deals with the medical field."
"Yeah, Mandy, you make it seem like our school's totally restricted," Farrah backed them up. "Our parents don't pay a huge sum of money for us to get a mediocre education."
Delilah watched us fight in either disgust or admiration. She was too focused for me to tell which one. Emily quietly pulled a chocolate bar from her purse and started eating it nonchalantly, despite the "no food or drink in library" sign.
"Guys," Emily interjected, chomping on the candy. "Chill out. I have hardly any classes with you guys, and you don't see me complaining about getting a schedule change. Suck it up and take it like men!" She puffed out her chest and thumped on it like a gorilla, an action that made us all laugh—even Delilah, who seemed to find very little funny.
"Who're we kidding?" I slouched, my body weight shifting as I went further into the chair. "It's so stupid. We're acting like kids, for Christ's sake."
"It's true," Bethany sighed. "Let's all just chill. Sleepover at Mandy's house tonight!" All the girls' reactions were the same—let's all skip the second day of school and eat all the food in the Wright household. It was a common occurrence.
"What do you say, Mandy?" Eleanor smirked. "Are we crashing at your place tonight?" Every one of their faces was contorted in the same expression of excitement.
"Ah, why not," I grumbled. "All of you, at my house, tonight at six. Bring stuff to wear and money to spend because we're going to go on a splurging spree tomorrow…" Delilah passed me a note. It read, "address? text me it @ 526-3847." I nodded in her direction to notify her that it'd get to her somehow. Something, though, told me I'd let her know soon.

The end of the day came quickly. Before I headed to my car, I felt a hand on my shoulder as I was walking.
"Really, thank you so much for letting me come over." It was Delilah. I swiveled around to make eye contact with her. She was so, well, I couldn't say sheltered. She wasn't sheltered, she was just timid. She had this air about her that was rebellious and subtle all at the same time.
"It's alright," I said coolly. "We do this pretty often, actually." Delilah sighed, shrugging her tattered bag further onto her shoulder. "I don't really do much. Diana does so much shit with her friends that I barely get alone time. It's good to meet people like me."

We smiled at each other for a bit, and an awkward silence ensued. "I have to go," I signaled toward my crappy vehicle. "I'll text you the address as soon as I get home, and I'll see you tonight, alright?"
"Alright," Delilah drawled, lingering still. "I'll see you then." She bounded off, rushing off to see her sister standing at a very nice car, very pissed off.
I liked Delilah. I thought she was a sweet girl. I was just worried she would be too dependent on our friendship to further her social standing in a new school.
I sent her my address the moment I walked into my house. Thirty seconds later, I received a smiley face back.
I'm on my writer's high, kids. I told you, I don't write for a while, then I just can't stop. I'm on a roll.
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