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February 14, 2012
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I know life is beautiful,
Cobblestone walkways
Lead me to my castle.
Yet, I keep feeling like
Something's missing.
In this world of injustice,
fairness broken
And lives lost, I should
Be thankful for what I've got.
Love comes naturally,
Not on command like someone's
Pet, I've actually got some
Self respect, I doubt
Any other girl sees it that way.
Does it hurt a little? Sure.
When I walk through the
Hallways and all the other girls
Have flowers, people assume
I'm indifferent.
I'm just independent,
They think to themselves.
I have this persona
Of being one of the shyest,
Quirkiest, most closed-off
Of all the people I know.
I'm not trying.
It's just how I am.
I don't know how to function,
For lack of a better term,
And I'm awkward,
Gangly and strange,
I embrace it, my eccentricity
Is what keeps me going,
My electricity, I've yet to meet
Someone who works like I do.
Maybe I have and I don't know it.
Maybe they're just as
Shy and quirky and closed off as I,
I am too quiet around people
To ask them what they think,
Let alone how they do it.
I don't want someone to laugh
At my atrociously punny jokes.
I know they suck.
I don't need anyone to challenge me,
Or my intellectual capability.
I don't want someone to patronize me,
Tell me that I ought to be
Better than all I sought to be.
I want someone to love all of me.
I want someone who's ballsy enough
To tell me how bad my jokes are,
Or who can watch a documentary
Without falling asleep.
I want someone who loves all of me,
Believes in me, and helps me
Achieve what I want to be.
I don't know who he is.
I don't know if he exists.
I could know him and not realize it.
All I can do is wish him
A happy Valentine's Day
And hope that in ten years I meet him.
Okay, I was never one for Valentine's Day. It's mushy and gooey and I get fat eating all my pity candy. But I realize it's really quite lovely when you get down to it. So instead of moping, I'm setting out a goal. *smile*
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bandgeek4evur Feb 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi rina!!!!!! I like it, and feell the same, I'm just waiting till I wanna serious dude I canlisten to my chem with and watch funny movies from the 80s and 90. Wow that sounds sad. Oh well, I guess I'm saying is I guess I get it. As long as your happy, I'm cool
otakuplaywright Feb 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
YOU WEREN'T AT SCHOOL TODAY. I YELLED AT YOU IN SPIRIT. I started talking to Kaitlyn about Ben in your place and then I realized midconversation that I hadn't told her I liked him yet. XD
bandgeek4evur Feb 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You talked to Ben!!!!!!! I'm so proud
Don't worry, I'll be there tomorrow. What did I miss today?
otakuplaywright Feb 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I didn't talk to him. You misinterpreted my statement.

And you missed Benchmarks. And Mr. D's test. And Pamela's whorepants. XD
YourBuddyBill Feb 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Good work! I know a few people who need to do the same.
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